Swedish / Therapeutic Massage

30 MINUTES $42 • 60 MINUTES $80
75 MINUTES $98 • 90 MINUTES $115
120 MINUTES $150

A classic massage that uses long, fluid strokes to relieve muscle tension and improve muscle circulation. This technique will ease you into relaxation and release stress throughout your entire body.


Blackberry Signature Massage

70 MINUTES $99

A warmed blackberry oil is infused with sage, for an indulgent and relaxing service. Hot stones are incorporated on the back as well as neroli oil for the face, and the session will leave you well relaxed.


Signature Stone Massage

75 MINUTES $115 • 100 MINUTES $150

Basalt stones are used to relax the body and melt any tension and stress of the day.


Prenatal Massage

60 MINUTES $80

Designed to nurture and support both mother and baby, this gentle massage focuses on the areas affected and stressed by pregnancy, and brings feelings of relaxation and calm. 


Deep Tissue Massage

30 MINUTES $55 • 60 MINUTES $90
75 MINUTES $110 • 90 MINUTES $135
120 MINUTES $168

This deeper, firmer massage penetrates the muscles to alleviate extreme tension, chronic pain and muscular stress.